Kiwanis of Kalkaska
Sponsored by the Traverse City Kiwanis Club, the organization of Kiwanis of Kalkaska was completed Sept. 16 1981. At a Dec. 2, 1981 dinner celebration, the charter was presented by Paul TomShany.

James Husted served as the first president and Robert Bryant was our first secretary.

There were 27 charter members which dropped to a low of 14 during the past 30 years, then went to a high of about 70, and currently our roster lists 17 members.

We build through such service projects as:
supporting the Commission on Aging, Hospice, Women's Resource Center, Salvation Army, KAIR, Kalkaska County Library, Cancer Society, new mothers and their babies, schools, preschools, youth organizations, emergency service agencies, Kalkaska Memorial Health Center, Health Department, Long-term Care Center, children's parties, Winterfest, National Trout Festival, Easter egg hunt, scholarships and many other community projects.

2011-2012 Officers
President Diana Needham
President Elect/Vice President Gerald Gaultier
Past President M. R. Gillooly
Secretary Betty Parsons
Assistant Secretary Linda Radtke
Treasurer M. R. Gillooly
Directors: Abe DeVol, Cindy Shipp, Shiela Atwood, Odell Carlisle, and Linda Radtke
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Kalkaska High School Key Club meets at the high school
Builders Club meets at Kalkaska Middle School
Kalkaska-Antrim Aktion Club meets on the first and third Thursdays of each month at the Antrim Church of Christ (off US131) at 3:30 p.m.

Board meetings - first Tuesday of each month during regular meeting at Kalkaska Memorial Health Center.
Kiwanis of Kalkaska meets
each Tuesday at noon at
Kalkaska Memorial Health Center conference room (across from the cafeteria), Kalkaska, Michigan, except the third Tuesday of the month when they meet at 6 p.m.
Past Presidents
1981-82 Jim Husted
1982-83 Odell Carlisle
1983-84 Al DeOtte
1984-85 Mike Partlo
1985-86 David Wiloson
1986-87 Bob Bryant
1987-88 Bob Bryant
1988-89 Mark Galea
1989-90 Jerry Foehl
1990-91 Jerry Cannon
1991-92 Mary Guy
1992-93 Hal Dufford
1993-94 Betty Parsons
1994-95 Ron Kea
1995-96 Dawn MacKeller
1996-97 Jerry Vaneps
1997-98 Diana Needham
1998-99 John Freeman
1999-2000 Zachary Cox
2000-2001 Ray Hoffman
2001-2002 Sharon Coppock
2002-2003 Linda Radtke
2003-2004 Jim Harper
2009-2010 M. R. Gillooly
2010-2011 M. R. Gillooly
2011-2012 Diana Needham
27 Charter Members
James Husted
Dr. Dan Soenan
Robert Bryant
Odell Carlisle
Jerry Cannon
Hal Dufford
Dr. John Siddall
David Wilson
Alan Hart
Jerry Foehl
Fred Shirley
Dennis Moss
David Cornell
Former Lt. Governors
Odell Carlisle
Hal Dufford
Diana Needham
Sharon Coppock
Hixson Award Winners
Hal Dufford
Ron Kea
Dawn MacKeller
Diana Needham
Odell Carlisle
Betty Parsons
Sharon Coppock
M.R. Gillooly
Jerry Cannon - Diamond Hixson.

Tablet of Honor Recipients
Hal Dufford
Odell Carlisle
Jerry Cannon

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